Education Forum with Minnesota West's Eric Parrish 10-24-17

Radio Works Jared Rademacher talked with Minnesota West's Eric Parrish about the upcoming production of legendary funnyman Steve Martin's "The Underpants" which is coming to the Minnesota West, Worthington campus October 27th through October 29th. We also talk to Sammy and Becca, members of the cast, about their roles in the production.

Harvest Report from BLT Seeds 10-24-17

Matt Widboom talks with Wensman Seed DSM Jeremy Hooge for a Harvest Update from BLT Seeds

Kunerth Seed Center Update from October 24th

A field condition update from Kunerth Seed Center

Winfield Radio from 10-14-17

As heard on US95, Denny Weber with this week's Winfield Radio segment

Worthington ISD #518 Education Forum with Tessa Dirks 10-23-17

Radio Works Jared Rademacher talks with ISD #518 Peer Coach Tessa Dirks about new teacher mentoring and what a peer coach does to help educators in the district