America's Farmers Programs

Today, tune in as Sonja Langseth covers an overview of two very important programs in which YOU can make a difference: America's Farmers Grow Rural Education and America's Farm Mom of the Year.

Farmers can nominate schools to receive grants for science or math cirriculums for $10,000 or $25,000 and anyone can nominate their favorite farm mom for a chance at the title of National Farm Mom of the Year (prize winning total of $10,000)!

National Ag Week (Mar 13-19)

It's National Ag Week March 13-19, 2016! This is a time when producers, ag businesses, schools, government agencies, and others gather nationwide to recognize and celebrate the role agriculture plays in our communities. Help celebrate the value of agriculture in our daily lives and spread the news of how agriculture continues to fuel America!

Red Rock All-Conference Boys Basketball Team 2016

The Murray County Central Rebels were the Red Rock Conference Champions this season

The Radio Works Big Deals Show!

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