Farm Equipment Escort

Does farm equipment need a pilot car?

Farm equipment may be driven or towed to the left of the center of a roadway only if it is escorted by a vehicle displaying hazard warning lights that are visible in normal sunlight. The escort vehicle must be located in front of the farm equipment and the equipment must not extend into the left half of the roadway more than is necessary.

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NCGA and ASA Testify on Consolidation

Regulatory barriers facing agriculture are a major driver of agriculture industry consolidation, National Corn Growers Association Chief Executive Officer Chris Novak will testify Tuesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on consolidation and competition in the U.S. seed and agrochemical industry. Novak is testifying on behalf of both the National Corn Growers Association and the American Soybean Association.

Nobles County USDA Service Center Faces Temporary Communications Outage

Lightning struck the Nobles County USDA Service Center on September 15th, 2016, causing electrical outages throughout the agencies in the building.

If you need to conduct business, please see the following suggestions for ways to complete your transactions. Stay tuned for further developments if communications will be restored by tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st.

Receiving Changes

Please note a few changes for receiving at MNSP of Brewster:

• One lane in receiving
• Meal and hull/pellet loadout will be closed Wednesday, June 22nd

Questions, call 507-842-6677.