Deadline to Remove Ice Fishing Shelters Approaches

Deadlines for removing fish houses, dark houses and portable shelters from state waterways are rapidly approaching, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Feb 11 Ag News

It's National FFA Week in a few weeks running February 20th through the 27th! Minnesota FFA’s theme for the year is “Amplify” and this theme encourages the increase in the strength of family farmers and agricultural leaders everywhere. It is important help local farms have a larger impact in our communities. MFU encourages all students to call their school and become involved with FFA. The future of agriculture is waiting for you. Do you want to show your support for FFA? Tweet #FFAweek from February 20 – 27, 2016.

CME Group Proposes Changes to Livestock Trading

The CME Group have shortened trading hours, brought about by consumer requests. The CFTC must approve the new trading hours, which the CME Group hopes to have approved by the end of February.

ChemChina offers to acquire Syngenta

ChemChina cash offer at $465 per share plus specifial divident of CHF 5, offering to acquire Syngenta at a value of over $43 billion.

The offer is equivalent to a Swiss franc value of CHF 480 per share1. Syngenta shareholders will in addition receive the proposed ordinary dividend of CHF 11 in May 2016. It is planned to make a facility available for the conversion of US dollar sales proceeds into Swiss francs on closing.