On-Air Advertising

To advertise over our radio waves (on the air), please call the station at (507) 376-6165 or (800) 886-5486 (toll-free); or send an email to our sales team.

Website Advertising

Get more out of your advertising dollar. Take your ads online! Radio Works is in the business of providing you with advertising options that drive business to your website and to your front door. Technical details about all available online advertisements are below; for pricing and additional questions, please contact the sales team.

Website advertisement sizes and formats

The following ad placements are available on KWOA. These ad placements display in the right sidebar on nearly every page of the website (excluding some policy, general and administrative pages). Only one advertisement will display in an ad placement at a time; multiple ads for the same placement rotate on page reload.

Accepted media formats for all ad units: .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf.

Dimensions Max. File Size
Max. Animation Length (seconds)
300 X 100 IMU - (3:1 Rectangle)
300 X 250 IMU - (Medium Rectangle

Ad Unit Samples

300 X 100 IMU (3:1 Rectangle)


300 X 250 IMU (Medium Rectangle)


Additional Notes

>IMU = Interactive Marketing Unit
>All dimensions are measured [width] x [height], in pixels
>File size is in kilobytes (k)
>00:15 second animation includes multiple loops

Note that all sizes on this page follow the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Ad Unit Guidelines. We follow this set of standards to ensure flexibility and extendable advertising.

Design Services

No ads? No designer? No Problem! If you are in need of a designer to create your advertisements, please contact the Radio Works sales team and we will put you in contact with one of our creative partners in the area or in touch with our own in-house creative designers.