Feb 11 Ag News

It's National FFA Week in a few weeks running February 20th through the 27th!  Minnesota FFA’s theme for the year is “Amplify” and this theme encourages the increase in the strength of family farmers and agricultural leaders everywhere. It is important help local farms have a larger impact in our communities. MFU encourages all students to call their school and become involved with FFA. The future of agriculture is waiting for you. Do you want to show your support for FFA? Tweet #FFAweek from February 20 – 27, 2016.

Also coming up a little closer, kicking off Friday, February 12th through the 15th - the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Kansas City, Missouri! A number of members from the Minnesota Farm Bureau will be in attendance, and also in competitions. Ethan Dado, who won the MFBF Collegiate Discussion Meet, as well as Katie Schmitt, runner-up, will be competing in the National YF&R Collegiate Discussion Meet on Saturday.

The Indiana State Board of Animal Control is looking to release the control and surveillance zone restrictions following the January oubreak of HPAI as of February 22nd, providing no new positive tests are identified. Over 400,000 turkeys and chickens were culled due to the January 15th outbreak, however, no new positive HPAI tests have been recorded to date.

Quarantines are still continuing on the infected sites until final cleanup requirements are met.

PEDv is cropping up once again, as it has been confirmed on a farm in Clackamas County in Oregon. The site has been quarantined and an investigation has begun. Worries about the disease becoming resurgent have a found base, especially during the colder temperatures. As always, tight biosecurity continues to be a focus. Contact your vet for assistance with diagnosis, vaccination, disinfection and other PEDv or porcine deltaoronavirus concerns.

The Super Bowl was just this last weekend, with the Broncos pulling off an unexpected victory. With that, star linebacker Von Miller has received a lot of attention with the award of MVP, with a renewed focus on his background in farming - chicken farming, in particular. He has dreams of retiring to be a chicken farmer with his backyards operation of Miller Farms, but on a big-time scale. Read more about his history and upcoming goals from the June 2015 Yahoo Sports article.

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