Getting Barry Healthy: 17 Tips for 2017

This week, Barry Roberts catches up with Darlene DeWitt from Avera Worthington about the 17 health tips for 2017 - how to eat right.

17 Health Tips for 2017 

1. Eat Breakfast 

2. Make Half Your Plate Fruits And Vegtables 

3. Watch Portion Sizes 

4. Be Active 

5. Fix Healthy Snacks 

6. Get To Know Food Labels 

7. Consult an RDN 

8. Follow Food Safety Guidelines 

9. Get Cooking 

10. Dine Out Without Ditching Your Goals 

11. Enact Family Meal Time 

12. Banish Brown Bag Boredom 

13. Drink More Water 

14. Explore New Foods And Flavors 

15. Eat Seafood Twice A Week 

16. Cut Back on Added Sugars 

17. Experiment with More Plant-Based Meals 

Find out more by visiting or visit with Darlene at Avera Worthington

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