Talking "Stress Management"

Tune in as Barry catches up with Liz Martin from Profile By Sanford talking about Stress Eating.

 Self-statements (thoughts we say to ourselves) are sometimes called inner dialogue. If your inner dialogue is positive (e.g. " can learn to eat differently"), it can alleviate your stress reaction. Use the following three-step process to change negative inner dialogue into positive thinking. 

Step One: Self Observation
Step Two: Change Negative Dialogue
Step Three: Practice Your New Self-Statements

Have you ever said?
"I'll never be able to lose this weight."
"These snacks are my favorite; I can't resist them."
"I look like a fool when I exercise...I won't do it." 

These are examples of 'negative self statements'. They can hurt your weight management efforts by triggering you to behave in ways that undermine your success. 

Relaxation is another way to cope with stress. The oldest relaxation technique is meditation. Follow the steps noted below to learn how to meditate. Try this technique once a day for the next two weeks. 

 1. Find a quiet place free from distraction and clutter. (Try not to eat or drink caffeinated beverages one hour before meditating.)
 2. Select a 'mantra' (e.g. a word, phrase, syllable such as 'in' 'one' or 'um').
 3. Select a comfortable position (e.g. lie on your back, sit comfortably in a favorite chair).
 4. Relax your muscles. (Tighten different muscle groups for 10 seconds; then release.)
 5. Breathe deeply through your nose. (As you breathe out, silently repeat your mantra to yourself.)
 6. Maintain a passive attitude. (If distracting or competing thoughts occur, disregard them and let them pass.)
 7. Meditate (breathe deeply, repeat mantra, maintain passive attitude) for 10 - 20 minutes.

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