Minutes and Seconds

Blog by Justine Wettschreck
Director of News & Information 

I’ve been writing since I was handed my first crayon, got married shortly afterward and am the mother of three grown children. My husband and I raised our family in Avoca after his 10 year stint in the US Navy. With the kids gone, it’s down to us and the dog – something we’re pretty okay with as long as we get to see the kids and our grandbaby regularly.

As Radio Works Director of News and Information, I track down news stories, interview guests and do my best to keep our listeners informed of happenings in our area and around the states. I’m a rock fan, but have been known to go from Rush to Tchaikovsky with no problem, taking the time to stop on some Neil Diamond and Hank Williams Jr along the way.

For some reason, I know all the words to Don McLean’s American Pie – the long version. I consider music as necessary as oxygen. When I’m not working, writing and reporting, I tend to keep myself busy with reading and trying to get dog hair out of the carpet. My husband and I love to fish, so we spend as much time out on the water and/or ice as possible. I enjoy cooking and tend to make up recipes with what I can find in my house.

With that, welcome to my blog "Minutes and Seconds"