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Ag-Related Ballot Initiatives


With the 2012 election wrapping up, it was imperative to also look at amendments and ballot initiatives that could have influenced ag policy and practices.

Proposition 37
Voters in California and North Dakota rejected two ballot initiatives that were opposed by agriculture groups. Californians rejected Proposition 37, that would have mandated genetically modified foods (GM) to be labeled as such.

The opponents of Proposition 37 did not so much directly attack the notion of consumers’ right to know. Instead, they said Proposition 37 was worded in a way that might lead to...

Biodiesel Boosts Performance


In a sport where horsepower is everything, it is no surprise that higher biodiesel blends that boost engine performance have grabbed the attention of tractor pulling enthusiasts. Biodiesel has a higher cetane rating than petroleum diesel, plus it adds lubricity, two key factors in power, performance and engine life.

During competition this summer at the Rice County Fair, all of the Super Farm Class tractor pullers of the United Pullers of Minnesota (UPM) ran B100 to test its performance.
B100 is a legal, petroleum diesel substitute that safely runs in diesel engines with...

Novozymes and Syngenta enter global commercial agreement


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – OCT. 26, 2012 – Novozymes, the world leader in bioinnovation, and Syngenta, one of the world’s leading agricultural companies, today announced an exclusive global marketing and distribution agreement on the microbial-based biofungicide Taegro®, a natural solution with multiple modes of action used to combat fungal diseases across various crops. The two companies will join forces to bring Novozymes’ Taegro to farmers worldwide through Syngenta’s global organization.

“This collaboration matches Syngenta’s global market strength and leading position within...

Holy Cow - Cow Power?


Converting livestock manure into methane has been identified as a potential way to decrease manure pollution, generate renewable energy, and reduce GHG emissions, but a dearth of information exists on the economic feasibility and sustainability of converting animal manure into methane and other marketable energy products, like...

100% Biodiesel Coming to NTPA


(Press release from NTPA) - U.S. soybean farmers, through their checkoff, support the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) to promote biodiesel among pulling fans.

The NTPA plans to return the favor by allowing the use of 100 percent biodiesel fuel, or B100, in all diesel pulling classes beginning next season. This could increase biodiesel demand by putting its performance benefits on display for the farmers, truck drivers and other diesel users who make up a large portion of the NTPAs fan base.

"The NTPA has been a good partner with the soy checkoff...

Area Farmers Open Doors to International Trade Members


Several Minnesota soybean farmers invited trade delegation from Southeast Asia to their family farms on Tuesday, October 16. This group, consisting of leaders in the Filipino, Korean and Hong Kong food industries, saw first-hand how U.S. farmers set the bar high in terms of crop production. During their trip to Minnesota, the delegates also visited Western Consolidated Cooperative in Holloway and Ag Processing Inc. in Dawson.

“The goal of the this tour is to help connectsome of Asia’s trade industry leaders with soybean farmers, to develop a relationship and build trust between...

Zaner Group: Ag Hedging


Zaner Group Image

If you've been listening to AM 730 KWOA, you'll have noticed that KWOA and Zaner Group have paired together to offer market updates at 8:10 a.m. Monday and Fridays. Tune in as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth catches up with Ted Seifried, Vice President of the Zaner Ag Hedge Group, who specializes in agricultural hedging employing various strategies using futures, futures spreads, outright options and option combinations. He believes it is paramount to be able to use...

"There's an App for That" - Nitrogen Rates


It seems as though in today's age, we have an app (short for application) for anything on our smart phones, anywhere from standard weather forecasts to games like Sudoku and Angry Birds. Now, there's even "an app for that" if you're a farmer looking to measure N rates.

The University of Illinois Extension an Illinois Council on Best Management Practices have come up with an app that has a calculator to determine optimum nitrogen (N) rates for corn. It also calculates split applications. The Maximum Return to Nitrogen (MRTN) calculator is a regional tool developed by Midwest land-...

MNWest Foundation Grain Exchange Program


If you're a grains farmer, consider making the great impact imaginable by giving the gift of grain directly to the Minnesota West Foundation to support the students, faculty, and staff of Minnesota West Community and Technical College!

Grain donations will be exchanged for funds, to be spread and used throughout the Minnesota West Community and Technical College campus locations. Farmers can specify if there is a specific division or career study they wish their funds to go directly to. In addition, farmers can write off this donation as they look into tax season.


Tri-State Area Harvest Reports


Radio Works, LLC of Worthington and BLT Seed have paired up to bring you tri-state area 2012 harvest reports! We talk to local farmers from the tri-state region about what they're seeing in their farms to get a better understanding at the 2012 harvest yields. These reports can be heard every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:10 a.m. on The Hot Country Highway US95 and every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8:35 a.m. on...