Radatz Named New MFBF Executive Director

(MFBF News Release) -- Chris Radatz, a 37-year employee of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF), has been named as the organization’s executive director and will manage and coordinate all activities of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation and Affiliated companies effective August 1.

Radatz has served as MFBF’s director of Public Policy since 1994, where he has represented Farm Bureau members on a day-to-day basis on state and national legislative and regulatory issues.
Radatz joined MFBF in 1976, where he began as the southeast district field representative. He has also served as the young farmers program coordinator, field services division director and director of the marketing and commodity services division.

“The vision, background and deep understanding of the issues facing agriculture will enable Chris to immediately step into this critical role and effectively lead our organization,” said MFBF President Kevin Paap.

“Chris's understanding of the grassroots strength of Farm Bureau will help us remain relevant as we continue to strive to meet the founding objectives of the Minnesota Farm Bureau. Our organization was founded in 1919 to provide a collective voice for farm and ranch families,” said Paap. “That need continues today, and we believe Chris is the right person to lead the future efforts of the organization, its staff and the many volunteers who guide it at the county and state level.”

Radatz has served on the Minnesota Environmental Initiative Board of Directors and represented MFBF on the Property Tax Working Group, Drainage Work Group, Feeding Minnesota Task Force, River Resource Alliance, Impaired Waters Task Force (G16), Minnesota Foundation for Responsible Animal Care, Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) on Animal Agriculture Citizen Advisory Committee, Minnesota Round Table for Sustainable Development and McCloy Fellow.

“I am humbled and honored by the trust the board of directors have placed in me,” said Radatz. “My entire career has focused on serving Farm Bureau members. That will continue to be my focus, the focus of our staff and of our Farm Bureau organization.”

Stay tuned to AM 730 KWOA as ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth will be catching up with Radatz to highlight upcoming goals.


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