National 4-H Week: Oct 6-12

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The Minnesota Farm Bureau (MFB) salutes 4-H during National 4-H Week, October 6-12. This week is a great reminder of the many reasons why Farm Bureau maintains such strong support for the 4-H program.

Farm Bureau invests in 4-H throughout the year because Farm Bureau recognizes that rural youth benefit from participation in this organization. This is a program that develops leaders that will contribute back to their communities and invest in our future.

Below are some of the ways Farm Bureau partners with 4-H throughout the year.

*The MFB Foundation is a sponsor of the Minnesota 4-H Foundation.
*The MFB Foundation sponsors 12 Minnesota 4-H animal science awards presented at the Minnesota State Fair.
*The MFB Foundation is a buyer at the Minnesota Purple Ribbon Auction.
*The MFB Federation is a sponsor of the Minnesota State Fair 4-H stall cards.
*The MFB Federation provides recognition for peer mentor training participants.
*The MFB Foundation is a sponsor of the “4-H at the Minnesota State Fair” Pioneer Public Television special.
*The MFB Foundation sponsored the keynote speaker at the 4-H state leadership conference, YELLO.
*The MFB Foundation is a sponsor of the Minnesota 4-H Creating Tomorrow’s Agriculturalists program.
*The MFB Foundation recognizes yearly an Extension Educator of the Year.
*The MFB Federation has Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors assist at the MFBF Annual Meeting.
*MFB Foundation assists with training the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors.
*Many Farm Bureau members serve as program leaders in their local communities.

County Farm Bureaus and Farm Bureau leaders also support 4-H programs by sponsoring local 4-H activities or individuals, jointly hosting events such as safety camps and serve as a driving force to maintain 4-H programs in their counties and work with 4-H to strengthen county fairs.

Farm Bureau is proud of 4-H in Minnesota, of all of the youth and leaders who make this such a great organization and to be a strong supporter of 4-H.


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