Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer...with Antlers?

Deer hunters around the area could hold a fair stance in the argument that the 2013 deer season has been somewhat of a strange one.

Earlier in the month, Georgia hunter Sam Hogan took an albino buck. Now, there's word that a Minnesota hunter has taken an 8-pointer. What's the big deal here? It's a doe.

As per, "Phil Klein was hunting in north central Minnesota when he counted the points an took the shot. Upon reaching the deer, his father noted velvet was still present. This was the first oddity the doe presented as the deer's velvet should have been long gone by November. The second oddity wasn't quite as noticeable."

In fact, it was nonexistent - no male features aside from the antlers, and the deer was confirmed to be a doe.

"Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wildlife research manager Lou Cornicelli confirmed the rarity of a doe with antlers. "They're not common at all,'' Cornicelli said. "It's an anomaly. We shoot one every couple of years." How rare are does with antlers? Very. Hunters took a combined 197,000 does in Minnesota in 2011 and 2012. Only one of these had antlers. The cause of this anomaly is an overabundance of testosterone.

Klein said he is considering having the deer mounted saying that everyone thinks he should."


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