2012 General Election Results

2012 Election Results

Listed below are the latest updates from the November 6, 2012 general election. Please note these numbers are not the official final result unless specified. If you are looking for particular results from a specific county, simply click on the county/township listed below and you will be automatically directed to its respective listings.

Minnesota County Seats: Cottonwood/Jackson/Murray/Nobles/Pipestone/Rock/
Iowa County Seats: Dickinson/Lyon/Osceola/

Congressional Seats

United States President/Vice President

  • Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 303 **RE-ELECTED**
  • Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan: 206
  • Virgil Goode/James Clymer:
  • Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala
  • Gary Johnson/James Gray
  • Gloria LaRiva/Stefanie Beacham
  • James Harris/Alyson Kennedy
  • Jerry Litzel/Jim Litzel

Minnesota Representative District 1

  • Allen Quist: 42.6%
  • Tim Walz: 57.4%

Minnesota Representative District 7

  • Collin Peterson: 60.7%
  • Adam Steele 
  • Lee Byberg: 34.9%

Minnesota State Senator 

  • Amy Klobuchar: 63.9%
  • Kurt Bills: 32.1%

Minnesota State Senator District 22

  • Alan Oberloh: 17455
  • Bill Weber: 19547 **RE-ELECTED**

Minnesota Representative District 22A

  • Joe Schomacker: 11554 **RE-ELECTED**
  • Eugene Short: 8804

Minnesota Representative District 22B:

  • Rod Hamilton: 10165 **RE-ELECTED**
  • Cheryl Avenel-Navara: 6745

Iowa Representative District 1

  • Jeff Smith with 99.41%

Iowa Representative District 2

  • Steve Bomgaars: 43.45%
  • Megan Hess: 56.47%  

Iowa Representative District 4

  • Christie Vilsack: 44.76%
  • Steve King: 53.04%
  • Martin James Monroe: 2.14%

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Minnesota County Seats


  • County Commissioner 2: Jack Kelly (168) falls to Kevin Stevens (372)
  • County Commissioner 4: Norman Holman

Bingham Lake
Mayor: Darren Kalvig (39) wins over Mary Krumwiede (29)
Council (2): Carol Goeman (43) and Charlotte Sietsema (50)

Mayor: Gary Richter 
Council (2): Susan Evers and John Schmitt 

Mayor: Brad Prins 
Council (2): Curt Determan and Roberta Duroe 

Mountain Lake
Mayor: Dean Janzen 
Council (2): Audi Nickel (579) wins over David Savage (520) Garrett Wall (433)
Special election: Andrew Ysker 

Mayor: Michael Timm 
Council (2): Travis Halland and James Westerman 

Mayor: Dennis Phelps 
Council (2): Marvin Sorenson (201) and Manda Jorgenson (227) win over John Madson (197) and Lawrence Carlson (66).

Mayor: Kirby Kruse (878) falls to Cory Maricle (1229)
Ward 1: Brian Cooley (1071)
Ward 2: Joann Ray (487) wins over Jerry White (399) 

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  • County Commissioner 1: Richard Erickson (486) falling to William Tusa (595)
  • County Commissioner 2: Gary Willink 
  • County Commissioner 3: Carl Driggins (219) falls to Rosemary Schultz (753)
  • County Commissioner 4: Cheryl Brooks (459) falls to Kim Hummel (603)
  • County Commissioner 5: David Henkels

Mayor: Tim Cain
Council (2): Daryl Becker and David Doppenberg

Heron Lake
Mayor: Jason Freking (175) wins over Dan Shumway (85)
Council (2): John Hay (147) and Glenn Kuhnau (173) win over Wayne Rasche (120)

Mayor: Fred Bern (524) falls to Jim Lentz (614)
Ward 2: Jeff Gay (287) and Donnie Schoenrock (453)

Mayor: Darrell Nissan (715)
Council (2): Darrell Hage (517) and Brent Pavelko (531) win over Kim Rients (195), Kenneth Rodenberg (93), and Alton Gentz (128)

Mayor: Les Ruthenbeck (93)
Council (2): Dennis Damm (77) and Joshua Zuehlke (49) win over Leann Warner

Mayor: Tom Myrvold
Council (2): Brian Quiring

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  • County Commissioner 1: Jamie Thomazin (437) falls to Jim Jens (521)
  • County Commissioner 2: Robert Moline (674) wins over write-in Kevin Nelson (243)
  • County Commissioner 5: Roger Zins (381) falls to Dave Thiner (423) 

Mayor: Roger Lindmeier
Council (2): Lydia Johnson (30) and Barbara Kirchner (48) win over Pete Luttrell (23)

Mayor: Gary Stoner
Council (2): Donald Buys and William Dekruif

Mayor: Dwight Koster (68) wins over Jeb Malone (46)
Council (2): Richard Illg (57) and Robin Leonard (70) win over Kenneth Bassett (48) and Jenifer Hagedorn (36)

Mayor: Herbert Hansen
Council (2): Bruce Hovde (32) wins over Carol Hovde (17) as does Bob Olson (24)

Mayor: Greg Ommen (366) wins over Jan Wehking (259)
Council (2): Chad Oullette (402) wins over Timothy Roberts (304), as does James Troje (353)

Mayor: Richard Like
Council (2): Bonnie Peterson and Henry Veldhuisen
Special election: Dale Pavlis

Mayor: Marlene Brown (33) falls to Peter Ford (45)
Council (2): Michael Aschlager

Lake Wilson
Mayor: Neil Gilbertson (93) wins over Don Nielsen (50)
Council (2): Zachary McFarland (128) wins over Diane Scotting (116)

Mayor: Miron Carney (654) wins over Leland Lokker (435)
Council (2): Kristie Blankenship (547) and Chris Jacobson (408) win over Thomas Busch (323), Daniel Jensen (190), Jason Kirchner (392), and Rylan Rupp (209)

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  • County Commissioner 1: FINAL Marvin Zylstra (979) leading over Keith Stubbe (726) **Yet o be canvassed
  • County Commissioner 2: FINAL Gene Metz (1069) over Bruce Loosbrock (935) **Yet to be canvassed
  • County Commissioner 3: FINAL Matt Widboom (726) over Dave Benson (694) **Yet to be canvassed
  • County Commissioner 4: FINAL Robert Demuth Jr., (1034) leading over Mike Kuhle (577) **Yet to be canvassed
  • County Commissioner 5: FINAL Donald Linssen (706) leading Marlyn Mammen (626) **Yet to be canvassed

Mayor: Robert Wiese
Council (2): Donald Shorter

Mayor: Brad Meester
Council (2): Terry Neugebauer

Mayor: Randy Schmitz
Council (2): John Garmer and Mel Tennessen

Council (2): Norman Clausen (23) wins over Les Engler (17) and Doug Schipper Sr., (15) as does Timothy Wrenn (32)

Council (2): Dorene Chapa (112) falls to Larry Debeer (127) and Richard Gaul (121)

Council (2): Tom Grunewald (6) and Jessica Malcolm (6)
Council: Dwight Meintsma

Mayor: Dave Lutner 
Council (2): Jill Diekmann

Round Lake
Mayor: Walon Lee Habben (74) falls to Douglas Knuth (120)
Council (2): Dennis Bucholz (137) wins over Nancy Fields, as does Gary Larson (140)

Council (2): Bruce Boltjes (124), Greg Gruis (113)

Mayor: Rebecca Remakel
Council (2): Ryan Huisman and Kevin Spartz

Council at large: Diane Graber
Ward 1: Rod Sankey
Ward 2: Scott Nelson

Bloom Township
Supervisor: no candidate filed
Clerk: no candidate filed

Graham Lakes Township
Supervisor Seat C: John Haberman
Clerk: David Bos

Seward Township
Supervisor Seat B: Jeff Funk
Supervisor Seat C: Gerald Duerr
Treasurer: Norman Vogt

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  • County Commissioner 1: Marge De Ruyter (260) falls to Luke Johnson (543)
  • County Commissioner 2: Harold Butch Miller 
  • County Commissioner 3: Bruce Kooiman (643) wins over Craig Vreeman (402)
  • County Commissioner 5: Jerry Remund (457) wins over Del Coleman (319)

Mayor: Jim Achterhoff
Council (2): Jerry Brink and Jason Snyder

Mayor: no candidates filed
Council (2): no candidates filed

Mayor: Randy Kor
Council (2): no candidates filed
Clerk: no candidates filed
Treasurer: Melissa Newell

Mayor: Jeannie Swenson
Council (2): Neal Jennings

Mayor: Laurie Ness (1450) wins over Susan Weinands (330)
Council (2): Kyle Caskey (1102) and Myron Koets (1233) win over Fred Portz (504), Jacqui Pribyl (336), and Ramona Butler (12)

Mayor: Stan Townsend
Council (2): Brent De Ruyter and Kathy Rupp

Council (2): Ron Klumper (34) falls to Don Mitchell (46)
Treasurer: Theresa Klumper

Mayor: Teresa Heard
Council (2): James Feyereisen and Dale Heard

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  • County Commissioner 1: Kyle Hemme (324) falls to Ken Hoime (419)
  • County Commissioner 3: Ron Boyenga 
  • County Commissioner 5: Jody James Reisch (515) wins over Jane Wildung Lanphere (293)

Beaver Creek
Mayor: Carolyn Deboer
Council (2): Alan Harnack

Mayor: John Javner
Council (2): Crystal Swenson and Carey Tunison
Council: Bob Heitman 

Mayor: Keith Elbers
Council (2): Brad Berkhof and Brian Sandbulte

Mayor: Les Nath (162) wins over Richard Rieck (94)
Council (2): Mike Baustian (188) wins over Maureen Bell (103) and Stephanie Hall (54), as does Lisa Rodman (144)

Mayor: Delbert Gangestad
Council (2): Dave Groen and Nora Helverson

Mayor: Patrick Baustain
Ward 1: Esther Spease Frakes
Ward 2: Maynard Lafrenz
Special election Ward 2: Kevin Aaker

Mayor: Fabian Deutsch
Council (2): Mary Snook and Robert Somnis

Mayor: Melvin Van Batavia
Council (2): Marlin Elbers and Mark Richards

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Iowa County Seats


  • Board of Supervisors District 3: David Gottsche, Jack Rees 
  • Board of Supervisors District 5: Pam Jordan 
  • County Auditor: Nancy Reiman 
  • County Sheriff: Greg Baloun 
  • County Recorder: Ann Ditsworth, Janelle Treganza 
  • Soil and water: Chris Hoffman, Mark Ingwersen, Scott Mitchell 

Lake Park
Council: Kay L. Allen, Herb Stewart, Gary H.

Council: Roger Rieck, Blaine M. Strampe, and Danette Tolan

Council: Julie Nelson

Mayor: Darryl Woods Jr.
Council: Brian D. Brawner, Matt Van Kleek

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  • Board of Supervisors District 2: Merle Koedam 
  • Board of Supervisors District 3: Mike Modder (414) and Mike Estep (279) fall to Mark Behrends (576)
  • County Auditor: Jen Smit 
  • County Sheriff: Rick Bos falls to Stewart Vander Stoep (52.69%)

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  • Board of Supervisors District 1: Rochelle Buchman (231) falls to LeRoy DeBoer (257)
  • Board of Supervisors District 2: Jayson Vande Hoef (415) wins over Roger Sixta (225)
  • Board of Supervisors District 3: Michael Schulte 
  • Board of Supervisors District 4: Phil Bootsma (376) wins over William Imhoff (251)
  • Board of Directors District 5: Merlin Sandersfeld (424) leads Ed Jones (201)
  • County Auditor: Barbara Echter 
  • County Sheriff: Doug Weber (1917) over Matthew Block (1121)

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