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October 9 news


WORTHINGTON – Nobles County Public Works Director Steve Schneider Tuesday gave commissioners an overview of projects in the county that have been neglected or put off due to lack of money, stating Public Works has been doing the best they can with reduced staff and stagnant funding. Schneider said it was just recently that the county provided the department additional funding beyond what they were allotted in 1983, 30 years ago.

Not only does the department have aging equipment and facilities, he said, but when something breaks, dollars have to be taken from budgets that should be...

October 8 news


WORTHINGTON – The Worthington Public Utilities Power and Light Commission on Monday approved a resolution supporting the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System joint powers board funding request, which will allow the group to ask the state of Minnesota for $63.9 million on a bonding bill. That is the amount needed to get the Minnesota portion of the water system built, according to Worthington Public Utilities Manager Scott Hain.

Hain admitted the chances of getting the entire amount at one time is slim, but hopes if it is asked for they could get increments over the next several...

October 7 news


WORTHINGTON – Pavement restoration on Tower Street storm from 11th Avenue south 125 feet to the alley was completed Tuesday, according to the city of Worthington Engineering Department. Bituminous restoration remains.

WORTHINGTON – The Worthington High School Marching Band earned top honors over the weekend, taking first place in the Class AA Lakes Area Festival of Bands in Chester, SD on Friday and first place in the open class at the Algona Band Day Festival Saturday. They also were recognized for Outstanding Drum Majors and Outstanding Color Guard at the South Dakota festival and...

Rock County data breach case settlement could be largest payout so far


LUVERNE – Lately there have been a flurry of data breach cases in Minnesota, but one that originated in Rock County has the Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust offering the largest payoff so far over the misuse of driver’s license information.

A $2 million settlement was offered Thursday in federal court, but has yet to be approved by a federal judge. The case stems from the alleged actions of a child support officer in Rock County, who was accused of making more than 4,000 queries of the Driver and Vehicle Services database in 2010 and 2011. Janet Patten was fired, and several law...

Osceola Love Bank seeking food donations


SIBLEY, Iowa – The Osceola Love Bank in Sibley, Iowa is hoping to collect enough food to fill 25 boxes before Thanksgiving this year during a community food drive, and is making it easier to donate by providing a list of exactly what they are looking for.

They need 100 cans of fruit, 50 each of cans of cream of chicken soup, 16 ounce bags of rice and boxes of macaroni and cheese. They are looking for 25 each of Jiffy corn muffin mix, cream of mushroom soup, cream of celery soup, mixed vegetables, large cans of turkey, large cans of chicken, bags of croutons, envelopes of dried...

October 4 news


BROWN COUNTY - A Worthington man is accused of having forced sex with a 16-year-old girl he met through a friend on Facebook. 19-year-old Taylor Anderson has been charged in connection with the alleged incident. Brown County authorities received a call on Tuesday from a woman who reported her daughter was sexually assaulted this past Sunday.

The criminal complaint goes on to say the incident happened at an apartment building in Springfield. Court documents say Anderson tried to choke the girl and had forced sex with her. Anderson is now facing four felony criminal-sexual conduct...

October 3 news


WORTHINGTON - A collaboration between the local Soil and Water Conservation District, Nobles County Environmental Services and two watershed districts is seeking public input as it prepares to amend the county’s 10-year comprehensive water plan. The plan, up for a five-year review, encompasses everything associated with water quality, from feedlot runoff and septic systems to stormwater and ag drainage.

Efforts to amend the county’s water plan are ongoing, with local agricultural groups as well as state agencies asked to weigh in on the effort. Public comment will be collected...

October 2 news


WORTHINGTON – It’s been a long summer of detours in Worthington, but the target date for the Highway 59 project opening is October 11. According to City Engineer Dwayne Haffield, the hope was to have the detour gone by the end of this week, but delays in the work complicated the process.

When the project is done, a new culvert will be in place, there will be full turn lanes from the north and south on Bioscience Drive, and infrastructure will be in place on the west side of the highway for future growth. Bioscience Drive will be extended to the west to make it available for more...

Pipestone National Monument closed; staff furloughed


PIPESTONE – The Pipestone National Monument is one of the victims of the Federal Government shutdown that began today. According to an email from the monument’s Administrative Officer Mary Schwebach, the monument is not open to visitors, unable to receive mail and cannot accept deliveries until further notice.

Because of the shutdown, staff at the monument has been furloughed. According to a recording at the monument’s main phone line, staff cannot check phone messages until the government re-opens.

October 1 news


DUNDEE – A fire in rural Dundee Monday destroyed two hog barns, but a third that had been burning was saved. The Fulda Fire Department was dispatched at approximately 2:45 p.m. Monday to 34700 130th Street. At 3:01 p.m., mutual aid from Brewster was requested. There were no hogs in the barns, but the two barns that were a complete loss had machinery and some round bales inside. The third also held machinery.

According to Fulda Fire Department First Assistant Chief David Baumhoefner, the two barns were fully engulfed when they arrived and had already begun to collapse. The third...