Federated Rural Electric plans to have power restored to all customers today

Federated Rural Electric in Jackson is on the home stretch with outages remaining to about 75 members. At the peak of Federated’s ice storm last week it was as high as 2,200 in Jackson County.

“We are down from 290 co-op members without power from Sunday morning to about 75 as of this morning,” said Joe Marthaler, Federated’s operations manager. “We plan to have the power restored to all members today.”

Crews will be working today in the following areas:

  • Karian Peterson crews will be wrapping up the line rebuilding along the Alba-Ewington Township lines. 
  • Federated’s two line crews from Martin County will be working on connecting the individual outages. If you are still without power, please let Federated know so we do not miss you. 

Federated’s three Jackson line crews will be restoring power in the City of Round Lake. Two crews from Carr’s Tree Service will be removing low hanging and broken branches to improve clearance around Federated’s power lines to prevent future outages when the wind blows. They will start in one township, work its way across the county to cover all the townships in Jackson County over the next few weeks.

“Federated again thanks its co-op members for all of their understanding, patience and support during this last week,” stated Richard Burud, Federated’s general manager. “We know it was frustrating to be without power, but together we weathered this spring ice storm, which we hope is a once in a lifetime event.”

Federated is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative serving 5,000 members in Jackson and Martin Counties.



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