Nobles County EOC will have phone lines open this weekend

The Nobles County Emergency Operations Center will have their phone lines open on Saturday, April 20th from 10 AM to 4 PM and again on Sunday, April 21st from noon to 4 PM for phone calls only.

Groups or individuals in the community who are interested in volunteering to help with the clean-up effort or citizens who are physically unable to remove the debris from their property are asked to contact the Nobles County Emergency Operation Center at 507-295-5359. Joann Bartosh with Nobles County R.S.V.P. will be matching up volunteers who can help with those who need help. Volunteers should wear sturdy shoes, bring your own gloves if possible, and dress appropriately for the weather.

Township officials are asked to check on rural residents that may need assistance and encourage them to call the EOC for assistance. City officials are also encouraged to do the same for residents in their community.

Messages may also be left after hours at 507-295-5359 for volunteers who would like to help or those who are in need of assistance. Please be sure to leave your name, preferably a cell phone number and when you are able to volunteer. If you need assistance, please provide your address in addition to your name and phone number.



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