May 1 news

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington City Council on Tuesday awarded a debris monitor bid to True North Emergency Management at an estimated cost that varies with the length of job completion from $167,000 for four weeks to $249,000 for six weeks. According to City Administrator Craig Clark, the debris monitoring will assist the city with meeting the requirements for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Council member Rod Sankey objected to the cost, stating the spending needed to stop. Sankey said there was likely someone in the community that could handle the job, and pointed out that bids for clean-up and debris management had now gone over the million dollar mark.

Mayor Alan Oberloh warned the FEMA payment may take a while to be delivered. He said there are some towns in Minnesota that had disasters in 2004 that have yet to be paid. Council member Mike Kuhle said the city really doesn’t have options other than to go ahead with the clean-up.

WORTHINGTON – Worthington School District 518 is moving ahead with plans to build a new bus garage on Stower Drive, hoping to keep buses protected while keeping transportation contract prices down.

The building will be approximately 110 feet by 290 feet and house 31 buses, and will also include a mechanics area and wash bay. The school needs 28 to 30 buses just to cover needs, plus spares and buses for activities.

The total cost of the building has not yet been determined since the bid for construction has yet to be filled. Superintendent John Landgaard estimates it will be somewhere between $1.8 and $1.9 million when it’s completed. They money will come from the general fund, with no levees, bonding or tax impact.

The savings on the transportation contracts will pay for the garage in approximately 20 years.

SIBLEY , Iowa – The Sibley/Ocheyedan High School has once again had to cancel the clean-up day that was scheduled due to precipitation, but according to Principal Bruder, the students will get to several private yards that needed cleaning when the rain subsides.

SIBLEY, Iowa - Osceola County Sheriff's Deputies responding to a call Monday night in rural Sibley discovered an individual with a gunshot wound, but according to a press release, the public was in no danger at any time as a result of the incident. The victim was transported to the Osceola Community Hospital by the Osceola County Ambulance Service. The incident, which is still under investigation, was reported at about 8 p.m. Monday.

JACKSON – Federated Rural Electric is asking volunteers to help spruce up Kilen Woods State Park. A spring clean-up day is scheduled Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Employees, customers and the general public are invited to the park to help pick up branches and litter, brush trails and clean picnic shelters in preparation of the park’s summer season. Federated will provide lunch for all volunteers. Please RSVP by noon Friday so lunch can be ordered. Call 847-3520 in email This marks the 14th year of a partnership between Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and Minnesota State Parks.

LAKE PARK, Iowa — The Lake Park Housing Authority (LPHA) began accepting applications Monday for forgivable housing rehabilitation loans. By Tuesday afternoon, it had already received four applications, and Lake Park City Administrator Wade Wagoner said many more are anticipated.

The LPHA is offering two types of housing financial aid: residential rehabilitation assistance to cover material, labor and contractor costs of housing rehabilitation, as well as down payment assistance to encourage new home owners. To qualify, applicants must meet specific county income level guidelines, although priority will be given to those with a greater need. After five years, the loan will be forgiven if the property is not sold, transferred, rented, vacated or abandoned, or if the property is no longer the principal place of residency.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young on Tuesday identified Kevin McCormick as the officer shot during a traffic stop in Sioux City. Police say McCormick, who joined the department last year, was still sitting in his cruiser during the Monday afternoon traffic stop when 22-year-old Jamal Dean got out of his vehicle and shot eight rounds from a rifle. The bullets went through the cruiser's windshield, and one hit McCormick in the forehead. He is expected to make a full recovery. Young said that during the incident, McCormick lay down in the car and put the cruiser in reverse to escape gunfire. His call came into the police Communications Center at 3:10 p.m.

Officers from several agencies are searching throughout Sioux City for Dean. Young says he is armed and dangerous. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 712-258-8477. Dean has an extensive criminal record dating back to grade school. He and his brother are accused in court documents of robbing a Sioux City resident at gunpoint in his Polk Street home April 24.

A court affidavit states Jamal Dean pointed a gun – which police believe is the same semiautomatic Mossberg .22-caliber rifle used to shoot McCormick -- at the victim and hit him on the head with it. The brothers are accused of taking electronics, cash, credit cards and two cars. The two are also suspected of robbing area drug dealers in recent weeks, Young said.

Investigators hunting for Jamal Dean after Monday's shooting found the gun in a garbage can a few blocks south of where the incident took place.

MINNESOTA - The Minnesota Department of Health is proposing some changes to the school immunization rules. Health officials want to add the hepatitis A and B vaccine for children enrolled in child care or school-based early childhood learning programs. They would also replace the seventh-grade tetanus-diphtheria vaccine with one that also includes pertussis. They also propose requiring a meningococcal vaccination beginning in seventh grade.

State infectious disease director Kris Ehresmann says the changes are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization advisory committee.

The department plans to adopt the changes without a public hearing but would hold one if 25 or more people request it in writing. The changes would take effect in September 2014.


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