City of Worthington no longer under water ban

Good news for the city of Worthington – according to Worthington Public Utilities Manager Scott Hain, the well level measurement taken today at the Lake Bella well field shows the static level at 21 feet 3 inches, achieving the target set by the Public Utilities Board. Hain said the level had gone up 2 feet 3 inches since last Friday’s measurement.

“Since the ban was imposed, we’ve been taking readings weekly and the Water & Light Board had set a target level,” Hain said. “In the past week, we saw some really significant recharge and achieved our target by seven inches.”

Hain said people can now power wash patios, resume cleaning and maintenance that requires water, wash cars, etc…, but he encouraged the citizens of Worthington to continue with the conservation practices they have adopted.

“We’ve had people using rain barrels to water plants, sump pump water, dehumidifier water,” Hain said.

Irrigation is now allowed, but still on a odd-even basis, which is in effect at all times unless more stringent measures are called for. Addresses on the even side of the street can water on even days and vice versa. The rule, he said, will be actively enforced.

If things begin to dry up again, he said, the ban could go back into effect.

“At this point in time, provided we continue to get good precipitation, we’re hoping for the best,” Hain added.


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