September 10 news

KTD Clue #2 – Anyone who finds the medallion is asked to turn it in to the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce to claim their prize!

The clues are written to unveil
And set you on the proper trail.
So down a trail you will go,
to find a treasure, as you know.

WORTHINGTON – The Worthington Public Utilities Water and Light Board has identified what could be a possible non-essential water ban date as November 1 if the water levels are still below average.

The commission also said it could take action sooner than that if water issues become more severe, though a Nov. 1 non-essential watering ban is most likely. Worthington Public Utilities Manager Scott Hain said the level in Well 26 dropped eight inches last week, the biggest drop since the previous ban was lifted in late June.

Last year, the watering ban was imposed in October, and kept in place until the wells could recharge, bringing levels back to average.

WORTHINGTON – For all of you history buffs out there, or those who are King Turkey Day fans, the Nobles County Historical Society Museum has opened its History of King Turkey Day exhibit, which contains news clippings, a multitude of buttons, photographs and even some King Turkey Day beer.

The exhibit is open from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday into October, but also this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Exhibit organizer Claire Bents worked throughout the summer to catalog the King Turkey Day memorabilia, but there are some missing buttons and other items from a few years. Anyone interesting in donating or borrowing the museum King Turkey Day artifacts can call the museum. They are also hoping to identify some of the people in photos from throughout the years.

WORTHINGTON -- During its regular meeting Monday night, the Worthington City Council approved a 1.3 percent increase in the levy. That number may be lowered, but is an amount not to exceed before the final levy certification in December. The council also approved the Housing and Redevelopment Authority's proposed levy of $99,331, which was about a $14,000 increase from a year ago.

A request for a raise in pensions for the Worthington Fire Department was also discussed, which City Administrator Craig Clark estimated would be a little more than $4,000 per year for the .9 percent increase. While in support of the increase, the council wants to see final numbers of how the the budget would be impacted before making a final decision.

The council also approved $49,000 from Worthington Rediscovered Funds to the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership to acquire and demolish a single-family dwelling at 2305 East Avenue.

IOWA - Authorities are warning the public of a new scam that’s been reported in the region. Authorities in Sioux county say they received a report over the weekend of a resident who received a phone call from a person with a middle eastern or Indian accent. The caller tells the potential victim that he is a representative of Microsoft and they have been receiving error messages from the person’s computer. The caller goes on to talk the victim into signing up for a computer maintenance agreement, which requires the victim to give the caller their bank account information. Once that’s been done, the caller is able to take money out of the victim’s bank account.

Once again, authorities say it’s further proof to never give bank account or other personal information to people you don’t know.

HAWARDEN, Iowa — A man has been arrested and faces several charges including going armed with intent after an incident in which a shotgun was fired toward people near Hawarden.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 3:15 on Saturday, their deputies investigated a reported disturbance at 4876 Buchanan Avenue, four miles south of Hawarden.

Witnesses reported that 50-year-old Samuel Harrison discharged several shotgun rounds toward three door-to-door sales people, who were working in the area. After firing the weapon, Harrison drove away in his vehicle. Harrison was stopped on Buchanan Avenue by the Hawarden Police Department just before 3:30 PM. He was arrested by the sheriff’s office and charged with assault, going armed with intent and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. The Hawarden Police Department charged Harrison with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Hawarden Police Department, Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol.

MINNESOTA - The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says there were at least eight traffic deaths throughout the state from Sept. 6-9, one the deadliest weekends so far this year.

DPS says the death total has reached 250, up from 238 at this time last year. The department projects 415 deaths for 2013, up from 295 in 2012.

Three of the fatalities were motorcyclists, bringing rider deaths up to 53 this year. DPS says the state is on pace for 68 deaths in 2013, up from 55 in 2012.

MINNESOTA - Minnesota lawmakers adjourned a special one-day session just a few hours after it began Monday, having accomplished the task at hand – approving $4.7 million for 20 counties hit hard by storms earlier this year. The vote was nearly unanimous, 57-0 in the Senate and 127-1 in the House.

The Legislature approved $4.5 million for repair to public infrastructure after June storms brought high winds and flooding to 18 counties in central and southern Minnesota. Lawmakers also agreed to send $219,141 from the general fund to Nobles and Rock counties and the city of Worthington after those areas suffered through April ice storms that toppled trees and knocked out power for days to some residents.

The Senate passed the bill after less than an hour of debate, and the House followed suit about an hour and a half later.

Lawmakers had agreed to limit the scope of the one-day session to disaster relief, but that didn’t stop lawmakers from introducing 47 bills, most by Republicans who aim to repeal new taxes approved in the regular session earlier this year.


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