Ruby runs while Paycheck lollygags; heat one goes to Cuero in the Great Gobbler Gallop

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WORTHINGTON – Well. That didn’t quite go as planned. Once again, the first leg of the Great Gobbler Gallop ended up with a win for Ruby Begonia, the well-focused, straight-running, get-to-the-finish-line turkey from Cuero, Texas.

As for Worthington’s Paycheck… well, the focus was not quite so much. As Ruby crossed the finish line, Paycheck’s team was once again trying to pluck him out of the crowd. Apparently a very social bird, Paycheck has shown a disturbing tendency to leave 10th Street and head into the crowd of Great Gobbler Gallop attendees. More than one person was startled to find a turkey darting past them between chairs, closely followed by his team of handlers.

Ruby came in at a respectable time of one minute, 18.12 seconds – not the fastest heat ever recorded, which actually happened back in 1983 in Cuero. She had no penalties.

Paycheck, however, was a different story. With all his visiting and tangling with the feet of onlookers, he took five minutes, 56.35 seconds. And was carried across the line by handler Jason Vote. He had four carries, a significant amount of penalty time.

That’s a margin of about four and a half minutes, again, not the largest margin, which is recorded at seven minutes, 37 seconds in 2001. Ruby won that year.

Now, this does not mean all hope is lost. As the saying goes, “It’s not over ‘til October.” On the second Saturday in October, the second heat of the Great Gobbler Gallop will take place in Cuero. With a little work on Paycheck’s part and maybe a little lollygagging on Ruby’s, the claiming of the Traveling Turkey Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph could still belong to the city of Worthington for 2013.


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