Video depicting alleged animal cruelty in Pipestone hog farm posted by Mercy For Animals

PIPESTONE – The animal rights group Mercy for Animals released an undercover video today that the they say depicts cruelty at a Pipestone hog farm, including slamming piglets to death on the floor. The hog farm management company says practices depicted in the video — including killing piglets through “blunt force trauma" — are all within hog industry guidelines.

The video from Mercy For Animals was taken surreptitiously on behalf of the group by an employee at Rosewood Farm, which is part of the Pipestone System, a group of over 200 hog farmers who share services.

The incident marks the second time in just over a year that Mercy for Animals has successfully planted an employee at a Minnesota hog farm. In July 2012, the group released an undercover video shot at a south-central farm owned by Christensen Farms, a major hog producer.

The Pipestone video, narrated by actor James Cromwell of the movie, “Babe,” uses most of the same phrases and statements made in the Christensen video, which was narrated by Bob Barker. In the video, Cromwell encourages people to adopt radical vegan diets, but the main gist of both videos is to discourage people from buying Walmart pork.

With all of its farmers together, the Pipestone system is a major pork producer. The Rosewood Farm facility is owned by an affiliate of Randy Spronk, who is currently head of the National Pork Producers Council.

According to one report, Mercy for Animals asked a Pipestone County judge for a search warrant of Rosewood on the grounds of animal cruelty. The judge issued the warrant and the Pipestone County sheriff’s office searched the operation. The Pipestone County attorney declined to press charges.


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