November 13 news

WORTHINGTON — The Minnesota West Community and Technical College athletic program has been put on probation following an incident at a football game Oct. 26 between the Minnesota West Bluejays and Central Lakes Raiders in Brainerd. The Central Lakes program has also been placed on probation by the Minnesota College Athletic Conference.

According to a letter sent to Minnesota West, the school will be required to have a game site manager attend all football games during the 2014 season. The college’s athletic programs will be on probation for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons. Some of the players for Minnesota West will not be allowed to participate in MCAC sports for the remainder of this and next season and are not eligible for MCAC awards.

Many of the sanctions are the same for Central Lakes, although no players were specifically mentioned. However, Central Lakes must formulate a game management plan that follows both MCAC and NJCAA language for all of their sports and submit that to an executive committee.

The players and the college have an opportunity to appeal the sanctions. Minnesota West President Richard Shrubb said he sent an email to the chair of the MCAC saying the only thing they would like to appeal is that all of the athletic programs got put on probation because of what one group of people on one team did.

According to Minnesota West head football coach Jeff Linder, the opposing team refused to shake hands after the game, and several players crossed the field to approach the Raiders’ huddle. The captains and the coaches got them calmed down and started moving them toward the bus, when another altercation broke out. Racial slurs were spoken by the opposing team and a Minnesota West player was punched. According to Shrubb, an investigation is ongoing.

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington City Council on Tuesday approved a motion 3-2 that allows Mark Their to place boat lifts in Slater Park. In a previous meeting, Thier was approved to use Sunset Park for the lifts. The council also heard the second reading of a proposed ordinance vacating part of an easement as well as a first reading of an ordinance to vacate portion of platted utility easement.

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp and the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event for young professionals in Worthington. The event will be at 5 p.m. Friday at BenLee’s Café, 212 10th Street, Worthington. Coffee and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

WORTHINGTON — The Worthington Area YMCA will host its 69th annual meeting on Nov. 25. The meeting will include reports on the past year’s work and the handing out of numerous awards, including the YMCA’s Volunteer of the Year, and members of the board whom have expiring terms. The YMCA Staff will also recognize many youths for Hall of Fame Awards that will be given to area youth for their participation in programs in the past year.

Additionally, two youths will be recognized with the new Wayne Klumper Sportsmanship Award, one person for the Ethel Wigersma Memorial Swim Team Award and one for the T.R. Murphy Y-Pal Award.

For the third year the Y will award Teen Leadership Awards, to be given to two teens that have demonstrated excellent leadership and volunteers skills in the past year. These two awards will be given in honor of Mark Shepherd and Greg DeGroot, who both have given many years of leadership and volunteerism to the Y.

The YMCA will also recognize one individual/group for the Youth Development Award, one individual/group for the Healthy Living Award and one individual/group for the Social Responsibility Award. Program staff will recognize program volunteers for their efforts this past year, as well.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Y, 1501 Collegeway. Refreshments will be served. For more information, contact Andy Johnson at 376-6197.

WORTHINGTON — The Nobles County Historical Society recently learned that evaluations completed on Worthington’s War Memorial Building and Chautauqua Park provide the necessary information in the first step to getting the entities listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Last December, the local historical society received $13,500 in grants from Minnesota’s Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment to hire a professional historian to evaluate the two structures. With the grants, Worthington native Barbara Windschill Sommer, of BWS Associates in Mendota Heights, compiled reports on each structure, noting the War Memorial Building is eligible for listing based on its mid-century modern architecture and historical importance in the community.

The band shell at Chautauqua Park was built by the National Youth Administration from July 1941 through June 1942, and with the exception of an added platform to expand the stage, the structure is nearly all original. It qualifies for National Register status due to its “significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history,” noted Sommer in her evaluation. When the historical society decided to move forward with the process, they were encouraged by the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) to evaluate not just the band shell, but the entire park.

SIOUX VALLEY – More details have been released about the hunting accident that took place around 2:20 p.m. Monday in Minnesota Township, Jackson County. According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, a group of deer hunters were walking a grove at an abandoned farm place hunting for deer. One person was walking through a grove on the property while others were posting. A deer ran between two hunters and shots were fired. 58 year old Nancy Bass of Jackson sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound to her leg.She was treated on the scene and transported to Lakes Regional Healthcare in Spirit Lake where she was treated for her injury.

The State Patrol and Conservation Officer Mike Gruhlke assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department at the scene.

STORM LAKE, Iowa - A 14 year old youth was arrested after an alleged assault in Storm Lake. On Monday afternoon, Storm Lake Police took a report at the Storm Lake High School in reference to an incident, where the youth allegedly assaulted another student at the school by striking him several times.

Following an investigation, police arrested the 14 year old male and charged him with Assault, a simple misdemeanor. The juvenile was processed and released to a parent pending a court date. The case has been forwarded to the Juvenile Court Authority.
IOWA - Supporters and critics of corn-based ethanol fuel are clashing over an Associated Press story about the environmental impact of ethanol production. Leroy Perkins is a southern Iowa farmer quoted in the AP story because he’s considering plowing under 91 acres of grassland that’s been enrolled in the Conservative Reserve Program.

Critics contend ethanol production has prompted farmers to plow under highly-erodible land and plant corn, leading to farm fertilizer run-off that eventually pollutes drinking water. Ethanol supporters counter that the loss of federal rental payments for more than seven million acres of ground that had been enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program accounts for much of the shift.

The senior managing editor for the Associated Press issued a statement, saying the story was the result of “months of work” and the AP stands behind its reporting. Some members of congress are trying to do away with the federal mandate that requires oil companies to blend ethanol into gasoline. The Obama Administration opposes that move, but the Environmental Protection Agency is rumored to be considering a slight reduction in the federal which stipulates the amount of ethanol that must be produced in 2014.


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