November 22 news

JACKSON - The Jackson City Council Tuesday approved first reading of Ordinance 74, which prohibits the use and sale of coal tar sealant products. There is a new state law that prohibits the use or sale of coal tar sealant products throughout Minnesota as of January 1st, 2014. According to the League of Minnesota Cities, coal tar has been used widely in sealant products on driveways and parking lot surfaces for many years.

According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, while coal tar has been an effective sealant for asphalt-based surfaces, coal tar sealant products contain high levels of carcinogens that can end up getting washed into water systems and result in negative impacts on the health of humans as well as the environment.

The council also approved a temporary home occupation permit for Michael Erickson to operate a sign and decal business at his residence at 712 South Highway. The area is zoned residential.

PIPESTONE - The Pipestone Economic Development Authority (EDA) is negotiating to sell land for what’s expected to become a Dollar General Store. The negotiations between the EDA and the purchaser, the Overland Group, would pay $140,000 for two lots fronting state Highway 30 between the Seventh Day Adventist Church to the east and the driveway into Coborn’s grocery store to the west.

Residents will have an opportunity to weigh-in on the possible sale during a public hearing the EDA will conduct on Monday, Dec. 9 at 5 p.m. in the Pipestone City Council chambers. Details of the sale will be available at the time of the meeting.

A new Dollar General Store recently opened in the city of Slayton.

PIPESTONE - Two butterfly species historically found in Pipestone County might soon be protected under the Endangered Species Act.The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has proposed listing the Dakota skipper as a threatened species and the Poweshiek skipperling as an endangered species. The USFWS says the primarily orange and brown butterflies with one-inch wingspans are experiencing “steep population declines” due to degradation or changes to their prairie habitat, prompting the proposed listings.

An endangered listing means the species is in danger of ‘extinction’ throughout all or a significant portion of its range, while a threatened species is one that is likely to become ‘endangered in the foreseeable future’ throughout all or a significant portion of its range, according to the USFWS.

ROCK RAPIDS, Iowa - The Lyon County Sheriff's Office investigated a motor vehicle accident at 7:33 p.m. Thursday on Highway 9, two miles west of Rock Rapids, Iowa. Donna Shelly, age 73, of Rock Rapids, Iowa was driving a 2014 Honda CRV eastbound on Highway 9 when she struck a black angus calf that was on the roadway. Shelly reported having possible minor injuries but refused medical treatment at the scene.
The Honda sustained disabling damage estimated at $10,000. The calf was found deceased off the roadway and was valued at $1,050.

JOHNSON, Iowa — The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission unanimously denied a request Thursday from the operators of a Sioux City riverboat casino to stop the construction of a land-based casino until lawsuits over the issue are decided. Attorney Christopher Tayback represented Penn Gaming, which runs the Belle of Sioux City, but lost out in an attempt to win a license for the land-based casino to a group called Sioux City Entertainment. Tayback asked the commission to suspend work on the new casino until the lawsuits are settled.

John Lundquist represents the commission for the Attorney General’s Office. Lundquist told the commission he reviewed the Penn request and recommended they deny the request. Lundquist told the commission he based the recommendation on four things, including the fact he does not see Penn being hurt by the work to build a new land based casino.

MINNESOTA - Two of the five children who were unresponsive when they were pulled from a car that went off a ramp and into a retention pond have died. Family members have confirmed that 5-year-old Zenavia C. Rennie and 7-year-old Alarious Coleman-Guerrido have died.

The conditions of the other three children, identified as 1-year-old Aliyana E. Rennie, 6-year-old Zarihana M. Rennie and 5-year-old Amani N. Coleman-Guerrido, are very serious.

A St. Louis Park spokesperson said a woman and five children were in the vehicle at the time of the 6:10 a.m. incident, and that the woman got out, but the children were pulled from the pond later. The first child to be rescued was removed about 25 minutes after the car went in; the last child to be rescued was removed 45 minutes after the crash.

State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske told reporters that rescuers were unable to free the children from the vehicle until a tow truck pulled the vehicle out of the pond. Several passing motorists and a nearby resident had tried to assist in the rescue, Roeske said.

The driver has been identified as 23-year-old Marion Guerrido, of Brooklyn Center. She is the mother of some of the children, the others are her boyfriend’s children.

It was not immediately clear why the vehicle went off the ramp, and there was no evidence that surfaced immediately that suggests the driver intentionally drove off the road. The road was wet but not icy, State Patrol officials said. No alcohol was detected in the incident, investigators said.


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