MN West ad hoc athletic committee releases findings

WORTHINGTON – The ad hoc committee that evaluated the football and other athletic programs at Minnesota West Community and Technical College released its report earlier this month, which President Richard Shrubb has now released to Radio Works. According to Shrubb, he and his staff need to review the report with the MnSCU System’s Office for possible revision prior to implementation, so the recommendations have not yet been adopted by the college.

The committee observed in its report that football and the other athletic programs are a vital part of the college community, and recommends the football program be continued.

Findings of the ad hoc committee include the observation that there was not adequate game management, not only at the game in Brainerd that prompted the investigation, but at other athletic events across the conference. A game manager, one other than a member of the coaching staff, should be assigned.

The committee also found some aspects of the conference rule concerning home teams be on the same side of the field as their fans is not sufficient to provide adequate protection to visiting teams from home team fans.

While all teams go through an orientation concerning eligibility and academic requirements, the committee found there is no formal athletic manual given to students, something the committee would like to see changed. They would also like to see a three-tier recruiting strategy that involves local families connecting with players recruited from outside the region.

Several measures were recommended to improve the football program GPAs, including academic advisers and prep courses for those with ACT scores below 15.

The committee reviewed the financial impact of the football program on the Minnesota West budget and found that using a very conservative marginal analysis, the football program contributes over $200,000 of positive revenue to the general fund operation.
Another recommendation of the committee is that the college work with members of the Blue Jay Booster organization to strengthen its fundraising activities. The report states that the long history of athlete alumni is an untapped source of funds.

According to the financial analysis provided by Shrubb, net cost for the football program since fiscal year 2011 has ranged from $59,000 to $77,000, with a year-to-date total in fiscal year 2014 of $66,000.


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