Murray County Medical Center sees employees walking away

SLAYTON – They may have recently spent millions of dollars expanding and renovating, but the Murray County Medical Center seems to be in jeopardy of running out of employees if the current trend continues. Within the last month, two EMTs, an LPN and a certified nursing practitioner have left the hospital.

During a MCMC Board meeting Tuesday, a crowd of residents filled the room, looking for answers the board refuses to give. At issue are several points of contention, including a recent contract extension of CEO Mel Snow, an ongoing federal lawsuit with physicians assistant Dan Woldt and the steady parade of medical staff walking away from the facility.

Stacy Slettem, the nurse practitioner who recently resigned, punctuated her resignation with a long letter to the editor in the local paper. She described the work environment as cold and desolate, compared staff to bullies on a playground and encouraged patients who have received substandard healthcare to contact the Office of the Inspector General.

Carol Lang, an osteopath who left the medical center a short time ago, described the environment as tense. Woldt is alleging the hospital and CEO Snow engaged at denying him employment rights and protection.

Although the community has repeatedly asked for information regarding the lawsuit, and asked to be heard regarding issues at the medical center during an open meeting, they have seldom been allowed to do either. Slettem asked for an exit interview, and one nurse at the meeting pleaded with the board to conduct an employment survey at the medical center.

One resident who attended the medical center meeting and the board of commissioners meeting told the board they have neglected their duty and called for their resignation.
Snow said he understands the community’s frustration in not receiving answers, but the ongoing lawsuit provides the board from responding. He said if people are resigning, they are doing so for their own personal reasons.

Commissioner Robert Moline made a commitment to the crowd – he stated a community meeting would take place to answer questions. No word when that meeting would take place. At this point, the Woldt lawsuit has had little movement in months.


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