July 10 news

FULDA – The city of Fulda will have a water shut-down from 8 a.m. to noon today for water tower maintenance. Residents may have cloudy water when service resumes.

WORTHINGTON – Gov. Mark Dayton Wednesday requested that President Barack Obama declare a major disaster in Minnesota as a result of heavy rainstorms and flooding that began June 11. In a letter to the president, Dayton described widespread flood damage across Minnesota, and noted that he has expanded the state’s peacetime state of emergency to include 16 additional counties – bringing the total counties impacted to 51.

To date, $10.8 million in eligible damages have been documented through preliminary damage assessments in several counties, including Jackson, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone and Rock. The FEMA threshold for federal assistance is $7.3 million in statewide eligible damages.

In the letter to the president, Dayton states Rock County suffered the most damage overall, with a staggering per capita loss of $589.58 in a county with a population of roughly 9,600. The letter states that when seven inches of rain fell overnight, the dam on the river at Blue Mounds State Park failed, and the rush of water was a contributing factor to the flash flood that inundated the city of Luverne. The per capita cost to replace the water control structure is $154.85.

The letter also includes mention of the Buffalo Ridge Regional Railroad Authority, noting that the 42 miles of track are a transportation link for the local economy, serving as a connection between local agriculture commodity producers and the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway networks. Damage estimate to the shortline is $1.5 million.

Dayton noted that statewide preliminary damage assessments are coming in higher than initial estimates, and because some of the hardest hit areas won’t be able to be assessed for several weeks, he is requesting a federal disaster declaration now. The Governor said once all preliminary damage assessments are complete, he will formally request FEMA designate assistance for all additional counties and tribal governments that exceed their threshold.

If the President declares a major disaster, FEMA would fund 75 percent of approved costs. Under legislation signed by Governor Dayton this year, the state will pay the 25 percent non-federal share.

JACKSON - Jacqueline Zevenbergen was recently introduced to the Jackson County Commissioners as the new Parks and Trails Director for both Cottonwood and Jackson Counties. Zevenbergen grew up in the Sioux Falls area and is a 2012 graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in Recreation Administration.

The Parks and Trails Departments of Jackson and Cottonwood Counties were recently combined. Initially, Zevenbergen will spend 3 days a week in Jackson County and 2 days in Cottonwood.

MILFORD, Iowa - A western Iowa man is dead after a pickup collided with the motorcycle he was driving late Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Terrace Park Boulevard and Highway 71 on the north edge of Milford.

The Iowa State Patrol identifies the victim as 19-year-old Dakotah Collins of Arion, Iowa.

Troopers say 28-year-old Jeffrey Peterson of Fort Collins, Colorado was driving a 2004 Chevrolet pickup and had stopped at the intersection around 4:40 p.m. Trooper say Peterson apparently didn't see the motorcycle, which was northbound on Highway 71. The two then collided.

Collins sustained extensive injuries. CPR was attempted on the scene, but Collins was pronounced dead a short time later. No injuries were reported to Peterson.

ARNOLD’S PARK, Iowa - Officials are warning residents of another apparent scam making the rounds. The Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce says it was notified by a local business saying it had been contacted by someone purporting to be with Alliant Energy telling them their power was about to be shut off, and that to avoid a disruption in service they needed to pay the bill immediately at an online address they provided. The business representative became suspicious and contacted Alliant Energy who said they did not make the call.

The protocol of most utility companies when discontinuing service is to send a certified letter, not with a phone call.

Officials say businesses and individuals need to be aware of the scam. They say you should make sure payments are remitted directly to your utility service provider.

Anyone getting such a call should contact local authorities.

SIBLEY, Iowa — A new deputy will begin work with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office next week, according to Sheriff Doug Weber.

Weber says Deputy Hunter is a chocolate lab, and will be partnered with Osceola County Deputy Tyler Bos. Bos and Hunter have spent the past couple of weeks in Des Moines for training, and are scheduled to hit the streets of Osceola County next week.

Weber says Hunter is trained in drug detection and tracking, and replaces the department’s K-9, Kyzer, a German shepherd, who recently retired after serving the citizens of Osceola County since 2004.


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