Dawn Caldwell - Common Ground "Balancing Act" Segments

On this Thursday's edition of your Afternoon Ag Segment, ag broadcaster Sonja Langseth will catch up with Dawn Caldwell, a farmer from Nebraska and volunteer with CommonGround.

An exciting tidbit is that Common Ground has landed a four-segment series with Lifetime TV's morning show "The Balancing Act."

Viewers will get the chance to learn from American farm women about:

-- Understanding Cost of Food in America with CommonGround (Airing Nov. 25 and Dec. 6) -- Mary Courtney, a Kentucky farmer and CommonGround volunteer, provides a way for moms looking for answers about food to connect with and get real, credible food information from moms who grow and raise it.

-- Recipes From American Farms To Your Kitchen (Airing Dec. 5 and 12) -- Ohio farmer Kristin Reese shows off her cooking skills while teaching viewers about family farms in America. Reese also shares her favorite holiday recipes. "I am often shocked that many people do not know 96 percent of the farms in America are family-owned and operated," said Reese. "It is wonderful to be able to share facts like these with the moms who tune into national television programs like the 'The Balancing Act.'"

-- Food Myths and GMOs (Airing Dec. 19 and 26) -- Iowa farmer Sara Ross leads the conversation about popular myths surrounding biotechnology, often referred to as GMOs. "We are thrilled to work with 'The Balancing Act' to create television that will really dig deeper into some of the hottest food topics," said Ross. "There is such a strong desire here to really delve into every aspect of American food, and, as farmers, we bring a unique perspective on issues like GMOs, organic food and the local food movement to an audience that is hungry to hear from women who share their experience and concerns, but also have first-hand knowledge on these subjects."

-- Understanding How Farmers Raise Healthy Food for Our Families (Airing Jan. 14 and 21) -- Nebraska farmer and rancher Dawn Caldwell shares health news you can use regarding food safety. Caldwell breaks down food-safety myths and gives valuable tips to prepare meat and produce at home.

More than 400,000 women watch "The Balancing Act" every day, offering a perfect opportunity for CommonGround to share the truth about food with the women who buy it. CommonGround is a grass-roots movement to foster conversation among women -- on farms and in cities -- about where our food comes from. The United Soybean Board (USB) and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) developed CommonGround to give farm women the opportunity to engage with consumers through the use of a wide range of activities. USB and NCGA provide support and a platform for the volunteers to tell their stories.

Tune in this Thursday from 12:30 to 1 p.m. on AM 730 KWOA to learn more about Caldwell's experience first-hand!

As always, get more details at their website: www.findourcommonground.com


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