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There's a party going on when you exercise! Join FM 104.3 The Party & 93.5 Rock It personality Jaime Salinas from 12:30 - 1 p.m. every Friday afternoon for "Fitness Fiesta." Learn about different forms of exercise and get tips and tricks to make your exercise sessions more effective.  Jaime will talk with a variety of professionals such as personal trainers, program instructors, and more about working out and staying fit while making it a party for your body.

Fitness Fiesta Segment Stories

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Easing Sanford Profile Members Into Exercise


The Sanford Profile Plan has been around for about a year here in Worthington. Many have found success in managing their weight through the program, and still more are curious or starting up the program. For those who haven't exercised regularly before, there are ways to help those folks ease into an exercise program with the help of the Sanford Profile Plan and the Worthington Area YMCA. Listen Friday as we talk to Liz Martin, Sanford Profile Coach, and Cory Greenway, Fitness Director at your Worthington Area YMCA. We'll talk about how they can help those Sanford Profile members introduce fitness to their lives.

Does What Time You Work Out Really Matter?


For those folks that exercise regularly, many have preferred times that they like to do it. Some of us are morning people, others prefer afternoons or evenings. Still others do it when their schedule allows it. Does it really matter what time we exercise? Listen Friday as we explore that question.

Going Back To The Gym After A Long Break


It's not uncommon for people to take a break from an exercise routine be it to recover from an illness or injury, a desire to do things outside of a traditional gym setting, or just plain give their body a rest. Whatever the reason, trying to get back into their previous routine can be a struggle sometimes. Listen Friday as we talk to Dana Collin, personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Worthington. Dana will give those prodigal gym members tips on easing themselves back into their exercise routine.

Weight Training Tips: Quads, Hamstrings, & Calves


When it comes to exercise, people tend to want to focus on certain areas of the body. A popular body area that ladies like to target and that some guys neglect is your legs. Listen on Friday as we talk with Dana Collin, personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Worthington. She'll offer up some methods to get those legs a great workout.

Fitness-Related Programs In Worthington Community Education


The Community Education program run by Worthington District 518 has many fun and interesting program from gymnastics to trips to the Twin Cities. Two programs in particular that we'll focus on are Yoga with Margaret Vosburgh and Tae Kwon Do. We'll talk briefly about the details surrounding the Tae Kwon Do program and reacquaint you with yoga today on the show. We'll also tell you how you can sign for these or any other program through District 518's Community Education branch.

The Importance of Sports Physicals & a Concussion Q&A


With another school year less than a month away, it brings back the excitement of school sports. Area school districts are holding their respective sports meetings and putting great emphasis on making sure their kids are prepared for their upcoming seasons both academically and physically. Part of being physically prepared is having a sports physical done by a medical professional and having the basic knowledge regarding concussions and the proper way to deal with and treat them when an athlete suffers one. Listen on Friday the 24th as we talk to Dr. Kevin Ree from the Sanford Worthington Medical Clinic. Dr. Ree will fill us in on just how important it is for an athlete to get a sports physical. He'll also give us the low down on what a concussion is and the current technology we have to help us monitor and treat them.

Work Outs With a Partner Vs. Going It Alone


For many people, the gym is like their sanctuary. It's a place where they can go and focus on their preferred workout without having to interact with other gym-goers if they don't want to. Just pop your headphones on and get to work. Going off on their own and doing their own thing just feels comfortable. Many wonder what working with a partner would be like. Can their workouts get any better if they trained with somebody? Listen this Friday the 18th as we explore the idea of training partners. Jaime Salinas and his recent training partner , Dana Collin, will discuss the great things that can come with training with a partner.

Swimming and Swimming Safety At The Worthington Area YMCA


Summertime invites people to do lots of fun activities, especially swimming. It's always important to remember the rules to swimming safely wherever it is that you go to swim. Listen Friday the 11th as we talk to Stephanie Gorman, the Aquatics Director at your Worthington Area YMCA. Stephanie will give us swimming safety tips and will also talk about the Stingrays Swim Team at the Y.

Iron Viking of the North: Follow-up


This week we'll follow up with Worthington-residents, Liz Martin and Dana Collin, who competed in the "Iron Viking of the North" Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini Championships on May 31st in Duluth, MN. All of their hard work in the gym was put under the scrutiny of a panel of judges from the National Physique Committee (NPC). Listen the 13th as we talk about their show preparations and what they saw and heard the day of the show.

No Fitness Fiesta this week!


Instead, we'll have a special presentation of Tri-State Sports Talk with Jared Rademacher. Next week the 13th, we'll follow up with Worthington-residents, Liz Martin and Dana Collin, who competed in the "Iron Viking of the North" Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini Championships on May 31st. We'll talk about their preparations and what they saw and heard the day of the show.