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There's a party going on when you exercise! Join FM 104.3 The Party & 93.5 Rock It personality Jaime Salinas from 12:30 - 1 p.m. every Friday afternoon for "Fitness Fiesta." Learn about different forms of exercise and get tips and tricks to make your exercise sessions more effective.  Jaime will talk with a variety of professionals such as personal trainers, program instructors, and more about working out and staying fit while making it a party for your body.

Fitness Fiesta Segment Stories

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The Yoga Experience


When you think about yoga, what pops into your mind? Yoga mats? People contorted in confusing-looking poses and chanting "Ommmm"? Yoga pants? From the outside, yoga can seem mysterious. Seeing someone in a difficult pose could make it seem intimidating. Listen Friday the 30th as we talk to Worthington resident Margaret Vosburgh and give you a peek into the welcoming world of Yoga. Margaret will tell us about the different forms of Yoga, the benefits, and what the whole "ommmm" thing is all about.

Summer Health & Fitness Programs at the Worthington Area YMCA


With the return of Summer right around the corner, those that want to stay active look for fun and interesting ways to do so. We'll look for an interesting class or do something we've never tried before in order to fend off boredom. Listen on the 23rd as we talk with Cory Greenway, Health & Fitness Director at your Worthington Area YMCA, about what he has planned at the Y. Cory will talk about the Boot Camp-style class he's planning, individual TRX Band training, personal training, and a new program aimed at area athletes, the Sanford Power Program.

The Color Dash 5K is Coming Back To Worthington


The World's Most Colorful 5K, the Color Dash 5K, will be returning to Worthington on Saturday, June 7th! It will benefit the Y-Pals Mentoring Program at the Worthington Area YMCA, once again. Our guest will be the new Health & Fitness Director at the Worthington Area YMCA, Cory Greenway. Listen on the 16th as we discuss the Color Dash 5K, as well as ways people of all experience levels can prepare for similar events. If you're interested in registering for the Color Dash 5K, then just click the link!

ENCORE: Coaching the Bodybuilding Competitor


Training for a bodybuilding event can be a hefty undertaking especially if you do it alone. Some choose to get help from a coach to help keep them focused and pointed in the right direction. Listen Friday the 9th as we talk to Carl Sievert, an IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association) Bodybuilding Pro and bodybuilding coach. We'll find out what Carl has done to help his clients prepare for the events they want to compete in and what it takes to be a professional bodybuilder.

What is Physical Therapy?


Rehab. I'm talking about the recover-from-an-injury kind, not the substance abuse kind. We hear about athletes going through a rehab program after suffering a serious on-field injury. You may even know someone who has attended some physical therapy sessions. What are they doing exactly during their time with these therapists? Listen on Friday the 18th, as we talk to Kristin Fox, a physical therapist with Prairie Rehab and Fitness in Worthington. We'll find out who the ideal candidate is for physical therapy, the different treatment paths that folks will go through, and pick up some injury-prevention tips as we start to reemerge after the long winter.

Sport Preparation In The Off-Season


Once a sport's respective season is done, the athletes don't just sit around waiting for next season. Sure, they take a short time to relax and reflect on the past season, but then it's time to start prepping their bodies to be better than before. Listen on Friday the 11th as we talk to Minnesota West Men's Basketball coach, Justin Heckenlaible, on the off-season program he has his returning players participate in. We'll find out about what they do as well as what steps they take to prevent injury.

Bodybuilding Competitions: Preparing For The Stage Part 3


For the past two weeks, we've talked to two fitness professionals about their respective preparations for the "Iron Viking of the North" bodybuilding competition in Duluth on May 31st. Are these types of shows only for the fitness pros? Nope. Regular people do these shows, too! This Friday the 4th we'll talk to Worthington-resident and RadioWorks Ag broadcaster, Sonja Langseth, about how she's been preparing for her first show ever. We'll ask her what inspired her to put in the work for this show. We'll also found out what it's like to strut around in five-inch heels!

Bodybuilding Competitions: Preparing For The Stage Part 2


Last week we talked to Worthington-resident, Jeremy Korver, about his preparations for the "Iron Viking of the North" bodybuilding competition coming up at the end of May in Duluth. This week we'll talk to another Worthington resident who is also preparing to compete in the "Iron Viking", friend of the show, Dana Collin. Dana has competed and found success in these types of shows before. We'll ask her how the "Iron Viking" is different than the last show she competed in. We'll also found out if she's changed anything about her training routine, eating regimen, or overall mental focus while getting ready for this event. Listen on Friday the 28th for another peek into the hidden world of bodybuilding competitions!

Bodybuilding Competitions: Preparing For The Stage


Millions of people do some form of exercise every day. Many of those choose to do weight training. There are those who take it more seriously than others. Still there are those who are passionate about their weight training. Then there are those who train harder than the average person for months and see fit to put themselves on a stage under glaring lights for the scrutiny of a panel of judges. Thus is the world of bodybuilding. Listen on Friday, March 21st as we talk to Worthington resident, Jeremy Korver, about his journey to prepare for the upcoming "Iron Viking of the North" bodybuilding competition on May 31st in Duluth.

The Importance Of Keeping An Exercise Journal


Actor/politician and legendary bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, during an exercise seminar, was quoted as saying "Write it down!" when the topic of journaling was brought up. Jotting down what you did for exercise on a particular day may sound tedious, but according to Worthington personal trainer, Dana Collin, it could be the difference between achieving your fitness goals and NOT achieving them. Listen this Friday, March 14th, as Dana explains what you need to do to keep an effective exercise journal. ~Jaime Salinas