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Radio Works Director of News and Information Justine Wettschreck is working to keep you up to date on the latest "Talk of the Town"! Join her every Tuesday from 12:30 p.m. until 1 p.m. as Justine covers the latest area events, public safety tips and tricks, and other every-day happenings in your community! It's the "Talk of the Town" on AM 730 KWOA!

Talk of the Town Segment Stories

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A chat with BRDTF Commander Troy Appel


Justine talks with Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Commander Troy Appel about their recent award and the case they cracked that spanned the nation and into Mexico. Listen in at 12:30 p.m. June 3 to AM 730 KWOA.

Lonnie Roloff talks about the Cruise for Cancer event


Lonnie Roloff talks to Justine about the Cruise for Cancer, which is coming up June 22. The Cruise is the first Cancer Doesn't Discriminate fundraiser since the death of Lonnie's wife Regan, who founded Cancer Doesn't Discriminate after being diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

No show this week


WPU's Scott Hain talks water levels and Lewis & Clark


Worthington Public Utilities Manager Scott Hain talks to Justine about the water levels in area wells, the non-essential watering ban and the latest happenings with Lewis and & Clark Regional Water System.

MCMC interviews interim CEO


The Murray County Hospital Board interviews interim CEO candidate John Osse.

WREDC chats with Justine about Worthington Bio


Abraham Algadi and Nicole Frodermann talk with Justine about the upcoming 10th annual Worthington Bio, which will be April 3 and 4 at the Worthington Event Center.

What would YOU like to hear on Talk of the Town?


Every Tuesday at 12:30, Justine talks with public safety officials, community leaders or event organizers on a variety of subjects. Is there something you'd like to hear more about? Drop her an email at

County attorney speaks on MN Supreme Court decision


This week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals said a drunk driver can still be charged with refusing to take a breath or blood test if arresting officers believe there is enough evidence to get a search warrant to require the test — even if they don’t obtain the warrant.

Last fall, Justine talked with Nobles County Attorney Kathy Kusz about implied consent, and what it means. We're taking a look back at that discussion.