Word of the Day

Ubiquitous (adj)

Present, appearing, found everywhere, constantly encountered, widespread..

Uncanny (adj)

Surpassing the ordinary; suggesting the operation of supernatural influences; beyond what is nor..

Bemuse (v)

To make confused, puzzle, bewilder; to cause feelings of wry amusement..

Corroborate (v)

To support with evidence or authority, make more certain; verify, authenticate; confirm or give ..

Nonchalant (adj)

Having an air of easy unconcern or indifference; appearing casually calm and relaxed..

Perceive (v)

Become aware or conscious of, come to realize or understand; interpret or look on something or s..

Infatuation (n)

An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something...

Impugn (v)

To assail by words or arguments; oppose or attack as false or lacking integrity; dispute the tru..

Meddle (v)

Interfere in or busy oneself with something that is not one's concern; touch or handle something..

Knack (n)

A clever trick or strategy; a special capacity that is hard to teach or analyze...