Word of the Day

Ambience (n)

The character and atmosphere of a place; a feeling or mood associated with a place, person or th..

Diligent (adj)

Having or showing conscientiousness in one's work or duties; done or pursued with persevering at..

Diabolical (adj)

Characteristic of the Devil; very unpleasant, outrageously wicked..

Penchant (n)

A strong and habitual liking for something or tendency to do something; a continued inclination..

Adversary (n)

One's opponent in a contest, conflict or dispute; an enemy or rival..

Permeate (v)

Spread throughout; to diffuse through or penetrate something..

Contempt (n)

The feeling that a person or thing is beneath consideration or deserving of scorn; the offense o..

Resolute (adj)

Admirably purposeful, unwavering; marked by a firm determination..

Consequence (n)

A result or effect of an action or condition; importance or relevance..

Inane (adj)

Empty, insubstantial; lacking significance, meaning or point; devoid of qualities that make for ..