Word of the Day

Bereft (adj)

Deprived or robbed of the possession or use of something; suffering the death of a loved one...

Chronic (adj)

Continuing or occurring again and again for a long time; always present or encountered...

Garble (v)

To alter or distort as to create a wrong impression or change the meaning; to introduce textual ..

Attire (n) (v)

Clothes, especially for a formal event; to be dressed in clothes for a specified event..

Regimen (n)

A systematic plan, especially when designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient; a r..

Melancholy (adj)

Depressed in spirits; suggestive or expressive of sadness or depression of mind or spirit...

Onerous (adj)

Involving or constituting a burden; having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages...

Diminutive (adj) (n)

Extremely or unusually small; one that is notably small..

Plausible (adj)

Seemingly fair, reasonable or valuable, but often not so; appearing worthy of belief..

Inherent (adj)

Involved in the essential character of something; belonging by nature or habit..