Word of the Day

Distinct (adj)

Presenting a clear unmistakable impression; notable; distinguishable by the senses; recognizably..

Foresight (n)

Seeing ahead, knowing in advance; the ability to predict or the action of predicting what will h..

Consternation (n)

Feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected; amazement that hinders or thro..

Copious (adj)

Abundant in supply or quantity; profuse or exuberant in words, expression or style..

Reciprocate (v)

To return in kind or degree; to give back and take mutually; to move backward and forward altern..

Interminable (adj)

Seeming to have no end; everlasting, continual; annoyingly incessant..

Disingenuous (adj)

Not straight forward or candid; insincere or calculating; pretending one knows less than one act..

Avarice (n)

Insatiable greed for wealth or material gain..

Smattering (n)

A slight, superficial or introductory knowledge of something; a small amount of something..

Anomaly (n)

Something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected..